Bad Boy Bail Bonds Montana Contract to Indemnify

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  • This is the name of the person referred to as "Bonded Person" in the contract below.
  • This is the name of the person referred to as "Indemnitor" in the contract below.
  • This is the sum of money referred to in the contract below.
  • For and in consideration of Bad Boy Bail Bonds Montana, securing the release (from jail) of the person hereafter referred to as the Bonded Person, I, hereafter referred to as Indemnitor, agree to pay Bad Boy Bail Bonds Montana the Sum of money listed above, within five (5) days of a bond forfeiture, or write of forfeiture of the Bonded Person.

In addition to the above, Indemnitor agrees to pay Bad Boy Bail Bonds Montana any and all reasonable and necessary expenses incurred, if any, therein attempting to locate, find, attach, arrest, and submit Bonded Person as a result of the bond forfeiture or write forfeiture.

    Indemnitor further agrees to pay reasonable attorney fees and court costs of a lawsuit if brought to recover any indemnity expenses incurred pursuant to this contract.

    A bond forfeiture occurs when it appears to the Judge of the Court where the Bonded Person’s case is docketed that the Bonded Person did not appear in court and the Judge so designates, notes, writes, or expresses the same on the Court’s docket.

    Indemnitor further agrees to assume al Liability for any balance due on the account when the bond is posted.

    A write forfeiture occurs when Bonded Person requires an attorney to secure a writ to obtain Bonded Person’s release (from jail) and Bonded Person does not appear at the Sheriff’s office to post Bonded Person’s Appearance Bond.

    Indemnitor understands that if further explanation is necessary as to the meaning of a bond forfeiture or write forfeiture, it is the Indemnitor’s responsibility to ask for clarification form the Agent of Bad Boy Bail Bonds Montana.

    Indemnitor further understands that any and all premiums candor fees paid for the Bonded Person’s release are nonrefundable.

    I have fully read this contract, acknowledge an understanding of a bond forfeiture and a write forfeiture and agree to all the terms and conditions of this contract.